House menu

Antipasti to share

A basket of rustic bread & butter (v) ~ £3.00

Bruschetta (v) ~ tomato, basil & olive oil on toasted ciabatta £7.00

Garlic bread
~ Plain £6.00(v)
~ Tomato pesto £8.00(v)(n)
~ Mozzarella £9.00(v)

Antipasto di carne (n) ~ Selection dried cured meats, cheese & pickles  For one: £10.00 / To share £18.00

Antipasto vegetariano (v) ~ Selection of grilled aubergines, zucchini, peppers, artichokes & mozzarella For one: £10.00 / To share: £18.00

Bresaola ~ Cured beef with rockets, parmesan shavings, olive oil & lemon  £13.00


Zuppa del giorno ~ Soup of the day (please ask waiter) £7.00

Burrata con crudo e pane guttiau ~ creamy mozzarella, parma ham & Sardinian flatbread £14.00

Crudo con melone ~ parma ham & melon £12.00

Caprino in agrodolce ~ baked goat cheese, caramelized onion & toasted ciabatta £9.50(v)

Insalata di mare ~ salad of marinated squid, octopus, prawns, cuttlefish and mussels £14.00

Insalata tricolore ~ avocado, cherry tomatoes & buffalo mozzarella £11.00(v)

Calamari fritti ~ fresh deepfried calamari, tartar & chilli dip £13.00

Calamari alla zio pietro ~ squid, garlic, capers, olives, tomato sauce & toasted ciabatta (signature dish) £14.00

Funghi ripieni ~ oven-baked Portobello mushrooms, spinach, pancetta, dolcelatte & mozzarella £9.00

Gamberoni all’aglio ~ king prawns saute with garlic, butter, white wine, lemon & parsley £14.00

Gamberi pizzicanti ~ Tiger prawns in a spicy tomato and house piri piri sauce £13.00

Zucchina fritte ~ Deep fried zucchini served with dips £9.00


Classic Caesar salad (v) £ 9.00
~ With chicken £14.00
~ With prawns £16.00
~ Extra anchovies £1.00

Insalata Creola ~ baby spinach, pancetta, avocado, mozzarella, croutons £13.00

Insalata di rucola e parmiggiano ~ rocket,parmesan shavings , sun dried tomatoes & house dressing £8.50(v)

Insalata tricolore ~ avocado, cherry tomatoes & buffalo mozzarella (v) £11.00

Insalata mista o verde ~ mixed or green salad(v) £6.50

Insalata caprese (v) ~ tomato, mozzarella, basil olive oil dressing (v) £9.00

Pomodoro e cipolla (v) ~Tomoto onion salad £6.50

Insalata di barbabietola e formaggio di capra (v)(n) ~Beetroot and warm goat cheese salad with pine nuts and walnuts £13.00

Carne (Meat dishes)

*All our main courses come with a choice of potato (excludes the Milanese)

Pollo funghi e asparagi ~ chicken breast, with wild mushrooms, asparagus, cream and white wine £19.00*

Pollo saltimbocca ~ chicken topped with sage and parma ham, butter and sage sauce  £19.00*

Filetto ai tre pepi ~ mature fillet steak, green, black, pink peppercorn * brandy sauce £29.50*

Filetto Diana ~ mature fillet steak in mustard, brandy, onions & mushrooms £29.50*

Filetto ai funghi selvatici ~ mature fillet steak in a wild mushroom jus £29.50*

Pollo alla Milanese ~ chicken breast in breadcrumbs served with a side of spaghetti napoli £20.00

Vitello alla Milanese ~ escalope of veal in breadcrumbs served with a side of spaghetti Napoli £23.00 / Optional extra fried egg ~ add £2.00

Fegato alla griglia ~ grilled calves liver & bacon, mashed potatoes & onion jus £22.00*

Picatta al Limone ~ veal scallops in white wine, lemon, butter sauce £21.00*

Pesce (Fish)

Trancia di merluzzo con spinaci, borlotti e pomodorini di pachino ~ cod with baby spinach, borlotti beans & cherry tomatoes £22.50

Gamberoni allo zafferano ~ large king prawns in butter, garlic, lemon served with a saffron infused risotto (signature dish) £28.50

Sogliola alla griglia ~ grilled dover sole, served with a side of choice  £39.00

Spigola con finocchi ~ seabass fillets with sautéed fennel and potatoes £23.00

Coda di rospo alla provinciale ~ monkfish in herbs, white wine, garlic, tomato sauce and saffron risotto

Cacciucco alla livornese ~ selection of fish including monkfish, mussels, clams, tiger prawns, langoustine in a tomato & white wine sauce,served with toasted ciabatta

From the grill

All dishes served with fries

Grigliata mista di pesce ~ a selection of mixed grill fish (depending on season) £31.50

Filetto di bue (gf)~ Aberdeen Angus fillet steak £28.50

Tagliata di manzo (gf)~ mature ribeye of beef £28.50

Misto griglia Mare e Monte (gf)~ Aberdeen Angus fillet steak with spicy king prawns £42.00

Costolette scottadito ~ baby lamb chops £24.00

Sides & Sauces

Mixed vegetables £5.00, Saute potatoes £5.00, Mashed potatoes £5.00, Fries £4.00, Saute spinach £6.00, Saute mushrooms £6.00, Deep fried zucchini £6.00, Garden peas £3.00

Sauces (all sauches £3.50)

Peppercorn, Wild Mushroom, Diana, Dolcelatte, Pizzaiola, Garlic Butter


Margherita ~ tomato mozzarella & fresh basil £11.00(v)

Quattro stagioni ~ tomato, mozzarella, ham, artichokes, mushrooms, black olives £14.00

Americana ~ tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni  £12.00

Quattro formaggi ~ tomato, mozzarella, dolcelatte, belpaese & parmesan £14.00(v)

Prosciutto rucola ~ tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, rocket, parmesan £14.00

La Casa ~ tomato, mozzarella, marinated chicken, mix peppers, salami, red onions £15.00

Aurora ~ tomato mozzarella, tuna, jalapeno peppers, fresh tomatoes, red onions £14.00

Hawaii ~ tomato, mozzarella, ham, pineapple £13.00

Vegetariana ~ tomato, mozzarella, mix peppers, aubergines, zucchini, mushrooms £12.00(v)

Piccante ~ tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, jalapeño £13.00

Napoli ~ tomato, mozzarella, capers, black olives, anchovies £12.00

Calzone classico ~ folded pizza with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, pepperoni £15.00

Calzone di verdure ~ folded pizza with tomato, mozzarella, spinach, zucchini, caramelized onion, pesto £15.00(v)(n)

Bufala (v) ~ Tomato base, when cooked topped with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomato, rocket and drizzle olive oil £15.00(v)

Pasta (we offer the option to go gluten free)

Spaghetti Bolognese ~ with minced beef & tomato sauce
starter £9.00 / main £13.00

Spaghetti aglio olio e pepperoncino ~ garlic, olive oil, parsley and chilli
starter £8.00 / main £12.00

Penne Arrabbiata (v)~ tomato, garlic, chilli, parsley
starter £9.00 / main £13.00

Fusilli pesto e pollo ~ chicken, pesto, Parmesan cheese & Parmesan cream starter £9.00 / main £13.00

Quadrotti ai porcini (v) ~ pasta parcels with wild mushrooms, ricotta, mozzarella cheese
starter £10.00 / main £14.00

Linguine alle vongole veraci ~ fresh clams, olive oil, garlic cherry tomatoes starter £13.00 / main £18.00

Risotto gamberi e asparagi ~ arborio rice, tiger prawns, asparagus
starter £13.00 / main £18.00

Linguine allo scoglio ~ mussels, clams, langoustines, prawns, garlic, white wine & cherry tomatoes
starter £15.00 / main £23.00

Penne primavera (v)~ aubergines, peppers, zucchini, garlic, basil, tomato sauce starter £10.00 / main £14.00

Tagliatelle alla carbonara ~ bacon, egg, cream, parsley, parmesan
starter £10.00 / main £14.00

Tagliatelle con zucchini e porcini ~ zucchini, porcini mushrooms, garlic, olive oil, basil, touch of chilli
starter £12.00 / main £16.00

Tagliatelle al salmone ~ smoked salmon, parsley, cream, onion & touch of tomato
starter £12.00 / main £16.00

Lasagna al forno ~ oven baked layers of pasta with minced beef, tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan £14.00

Cannelloni di manzo e vegetali ~ pancakes stuffed and ovenbaked with minced beef and vegetables in a tomato and béchamel sauce £14.00

Children’s menu

Chicken fingers, chips & peas £10.50

Pasta (Bolognese-napoli-pesto-carbonara) £7.50

Fish and chips £10.50

Pizza (margherita-hawaii-americana-ham & mushroom) £7.50 (v)

  • (v) Suitable for vegetarians; (n) Contains nuts or nut oils; all other items do not contain nuts as an ingredient.
  • There is always a possibility, however that traces of nuts can be found in any of our dishes.
  • All prices include VAT at the standard rate. We do not operate a service charge but will add 10% to parties of 6 or more.

Location and number

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